picture of cloud which represents recovery
Handbook of Wisdom For Those In Transition
Quotations, Quotations, and More Quotations. This book contains over 3,000 quotations which have particular meaning for people who are going through major changes in their lives.  These words come from men and women, from the secular and religious world, from the ancient Egyptians to well known figures of the twentieth century.  Some of the quotations are anonymous; some are from the less well known; some are from the famous; and a few are from the infamous.  They provide advice and counsel, joy and hope, and in some cases, a swift kick in the pants to get you back on track.  They are all quotations which I chose for their application to people whose lives are in transition.  Many of the quotes in this book are ones I found helpful to me as I was dealing with changes in my own life.  I still find that referring to these quotations on occasion tends to keep me focused and prioritized.

Quotations Parables

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